In California, reduced hydro and nuclear energy supplies are driving up electricity rates.  Solar and other forms of distributed generation can help, but they cannot reliably reduce demand charges or the key driver: peak demand.  Energy storage technologies are promising but still expensive.  For most California businesses, Energy Analytics offers the most compelling means of reducing peak demand and energy expense.

Properly implemented, Energy Analytics programs provide intelligence so operators can manage energy economics: supply, demand and price.  Specifically, Energy Analytics reduces demand charges and peak demand by enabling operators to understand and optimize:

  1. How much energy (kWh) and power (kW) a business uses, and when and where it’s used.
  2. What a business makes, moves or stores; where it performs this work, when it performs this work, and how this work changes and scales.
  3. What a business pays, and how it procures, energy and power.

HelioPower’s Energy Analytics team  can develop and deliver an Energy Analytics program tailored to your needs.  Not yet sure if Energy Analytics makes sense for you?  That’s OK, in my next blog post I will show you an easy, inexpensive way to get started with Energy Analytics. Until then here are some resources to get you thinking: