Solar PV Service and Repairs

Have you purchased a solar power system or a home installed with solar panels but never had solar PV service or repairs? Perhaps you’ve purchased a solar energy system and the company that installed it for you is no longer in business.

solar PV service from Helio Energy Solutions

Or maybe you just need your solar panels cleaned, pigeon proofed, or inspected for rodent damage (typically chewed wires).

What if you have a solar warranty claim?

Who do you call for solar repairs?

Solar pv service gives system owners the option to avoid problems when they're discovered. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of clean electricity. Helio Energy Solutions has installed and provided Solar PV Service since 2001. Our technicians have the manufacturer training and certification to troubleshoot any problem you may be experiencing with your PV system. We’ve warrantied over 5,00 of our customers’ installations, ensuring they receive the best return on investment and operate a full Solar PV Service, Solar Maintenance, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and Asset Management department. We understand the importance of regular solar maintenance and the negative factors that impact your system.

Solar PV Service from Helio Energy Solutions

Helio Energy Solutions is one of a few companies in California offering solar service including PV repairs, installation, and operations and maintenance. Can you afford to let your expensive solar system sit on your roof and do nothing? Can you afford to have it operating at 75% or 50% output? Of course, not! Make sure your solar system earns its keep with Solar Maintenance Services.

Do not attempt to clean or fix your own solar electric panels, inverters, or other system components as this could cause serious injury. Solar PV service and repairs are performed by experienced professionals. If you feel that your solar electric system needs ongoing O&M, inspection, repair, service, or would just like to get a solar health check-up, contact us today! Or call us directly at 877.959.8816.