Everyone has seen this snazzy video waxing eloquent about this awesome new technology that would allow us to convert all of our roads into solar farms and produce 3x the energy we would ever need. It’s sounds awesome, and if it were a reality, it would be awesome. It’s not a reality, here’s why:

Every technology that enjoys widespread adoption does so because it us usually posses one “Killer Feature” that makes it perfect for the job at hand.

When it comes to roadways, that technology is asphalt and it’s killer feature is the ability to drive all manner and sizes of rubber wheeled vehicles at high speeds safely in a myriad of conditions.

Unfortunately, being made from glass, the Solar Freakin Roadways don’t satisfy this one absolutely necessary function of a roadway and that alone makes it an unfeasible technology. Glass is a soft material and wears smooth very quickly. Smooth glass roads aren’t safe for driving.

That is only one of many reasons why Solar Freaking Roadways aren’t a viable clean energy option for the US.

Watch the video below to find out all the other reasons.