How Nest Saves Me Money on AC costs

by Matt McPherson, HelioPower

Why I considered Nest

A couple months ago I purchased two Nest smart thermostats for my home. My goal was to be able to monitor the settings of my air conditioning when I was on the road. I also wanted to make sure that when no one was home the A/C was not running and cooling an empty house – which is both wasteful and expensive! Due to a built in function in the Nest called ‘Auto Away’, I did not have to monitor anything at all. The Nest thermostat automatically senses when there is no motion in the house and adjusts to my ‘Away’ setting. Another great feature of the Nest is ‘Airflow’.  I really like this feature because it turns off the compressor on my A/C unit and continues to run the fan. This circulates the cool air trapped in the duct work into the house instead of letting it go to waste and helps the air conditioning system to run much more efficiently. These two features along with many other built into the Nest Thermostat have contributed to noticeably lower electrical bills since I installed them.

Saving Money with Nest

Last year my July bill was $244.76 this year it is $179.23 (see attached bills). That is a 26% reduction which I can only contribute to the Nest thermostats. With that kind of savings I should see an ROI of less than a year! Being an energy consultant with HelioPower Energy Solutions, I have seen the Nest thermostats work for my solar customers in Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Palm Springs, and Desert Hot Springs. A smart thermostat will help lower your electric bill by making sure your air conditioning is working as efficiently as possible. As long as you have Wi-Fi in your home and a smart phone you can really benefit from a Nest Smart Thermostat. Combining a Nest with other energy efficiency improvements can save you thousands on a solar system!

Why I love Nest

I love being able to adjust my A/C before I get home. I typically get in my car to drive home and turn the A/C down. By the time I get home, the house is just the way I like it. No more waiting for the temperature to cool off in the house while I sweat it out. I recommend the Nest smart thermostat for all homes with air conditioning. It is easily installed and can be done in less than 20 minutes. Please contact me to learn more about Nest Thermostats and other energy saving measure such as solar, variable speed pool pumps, whole house fans, and vampire strips.

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Solar Installation Indian Wells, CA

Solar Installation Indian Wells, CA