Solar Project Developers and EPCs take note: this is a great year to sell your solar projects, and Helio Micro Utility can maximize your solar developer project pricing.  Helio mU is the developer’s partner in marketing solar projects to the investor community, providing tailored development and placement services to ensure the most fitting project investors compete for your projects.  Our average price for a 2015 1MW net-metered project at NTP this year is over $3.20/Wdc.

Bringing Investors to Projects

With over 120 PPA-financed solar projects in the ground and operating since 2007, you can rely on Helio Micro Utility‘s experience in solar project pricing, development and placement.  We maintain an active dialog to source turnkey acquisition funding, tax equity, sponsor equity and debt from over 50 qualified investors including yield cos, established solar funds, investment banks, private equity houses, family offices, traditional banks and individual investors.  In 2015 we have placed or priced over 40 commercial-scale projects at all stages of the development cycle, with solar project prices ranging between $2/W and $4/W. We provide solar developers project pricing that’s competitive and realistic.

Helio Micro Utility provides turnkey project development and financing services for Developers and EPCs:

  • Project planning to maximize value and salability

    Solar Project Pricing for Developers

    So far this year Helio has priced or placed financing of $2/W – $4/W for 40 commercial projects at all stages of development.

  • Structured financing support
  • Investor targeting and outreach strategy
  • Preliminary due diligence surveys
  • PPA, Site Lease, SNDAs and other project documents crafted for investor acceptance and value creation
  • Interconnection and engineering services
  • Development-stage funding, including equity retention strategies
  • Investor-facing project summaries
  • 1-week turnaround to indicative pricing
  • Investor comparisons and recommendations
  • Term sheet negotiations
  • Investor data room creation and administration
  • Purchase-Sale agreements and other definitive investment documents
  • Acquisition and financing negotiations through close
  • SPE creation, entity management and accounting services
  • Ongoing operations & maintenance, performance monitoring and verification, and asset management

Maximizing Developer Solar Project Pricing

Helio mU can work on a time-and-materials or success-fee basis.  Contact us today to explore how we can maximize your projects’ value and increase your profitability.