An Introduction to WEF’s Energy Management Framework

Energy Management Framework

Mo Rousso (Founder and COO, HelioPower) participated in the Water Environment Federation’s Energy Management Roadmap Summit workshops. The goal of the summit was to create a “road map” to help plants increase on-site energy production, reduce energy consumption and focus on overall energy management.

Energy Management Framework Statement

Wastewater Energy Management

As a result of our work, WEF developed an energy roadmap. The Roadmap is a guide for Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRFs) to reach energy neutrality and beyond. The road map is applicable whether WRRFs choose simply to increase energy efficiency or to build a full-scale distributed generation systems.

HelioPower has created a simple, low cost assessment to help Utilities understand how their current state of energy programs stack up on the Roadmap Matrix and where the opportunities for improvement exist. From our Assessment, the Utility will enjoy these takeaways:

• Develop an understanding of the technologies and behavioral changes available to them to mitigate energy costs and their impact on operations
• Understand project funding options that do not tax nor require capital expenditures and funds
• Build organizational momentum around the importance of mitigating energy costs and the energy strategy development process


• Will have a clearer understanding of their current energy profile
• Establish goals in essential sustainability and energy topics
• Receive recommendations for next steps in their energy progression

As stated above, the Roadmap is a guide for Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRFs) to reach energy neutrality and beyond. HelioPower participated in developing the framework, and can assist you in reaching energy neutrality.

Here's a link to more detail on the WEF Energy Roadmap Assessment. Alternatively, Mo has published an article you can download below.