Going Solar is easy, paying for it is hard. So, Helio mU has crafted a Solar Financing Guide to narrow your options. Please click here to see the complete guide.

The Decision to Go Solar is Easy...

Solar Financing Guide

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Making the decision to go solar is relatively easy.  It usually it starts with good green intentions and the expectation of energy savings.  Prospective solar consumers are right to first look at the physical attributes of an installation... and Helio Energy Solutions or a good solar installer can help you think through the obvious preliminary questions:

  • How much energy do I consume, and how large of a solar facility is ideal?
    (Hint: start by downloading 1 year of energy usage information)
  • Where should the solar facility be sited?
    (Hint:big, flat, sunny, strong roofs are great... carports will cost you)
  • What is my avoided cost of energy, and what are the potential energy savings?
    (Hint: if your solar sales rep can't compare pre- and post-solar utility bills, its time for a new rep)

 ...Paying for Solar is Hard.

Now comes the hard part - paying for solar.  As with buying a building or other long-lived asset, there is a big up front expenditure yielding decades of benefits, so cash purchases are unusual and financed purchases are the norm.  But tax incentives, complex accounting rules, and a fragmented and noisy financing marketplace make objective decisions difficult.

Solar Financing Guide

Helio mU can help.  Our Solar Financing Guide provides a simple overview of financing alternatives and a roadmap of decisions to narrow your options. Whether you are a prospective solar consumer, an installer, a developer or an investor, the Solar Financing Guide will save time and speed your path to clean energy rewards.

Click here to see the full Solar Financing Guide , and please do let me know your feedback and questions.

- Tom