Top 7 Reasons I Hate Solar!

After working at HelioPower for the past 13 years, I’ve come to realize…I hate solar.  I’ve heard a lot about how great solar energy is for consumers, the economy and the planet. Blah, Blah, Blah. Solar is awesome, saving money is good, pollution is bad- it’s like a mantra around here for some reason. Blah, Blah, Blah.


I’d like to expose some inconvenient truths about why I hate solar energy and the impact it’s having on our planet.


I hate solar because it reduces the utilities’ need to build more power plants and generate more profits from ratepayers. Utility companies need more profits because that’s what monopolies get to do and why shouldn’t ratepayers pay?  After all, they’re “ratepayers.”



I hate solar because it keeps the sun off my roof and makes it last longer. I like getting a new roof every 10 years!



I hate solar because it acts like a blanket over my house in the winter which keeps it warmer. I like running my heat a lot because it’s cozier that way!



I hate solar because it acts like big shade over my house in summer keeping it cooler. I like to run the AC all the time!



I really hate solar because the panels look so ugly on my roof! Compared to an open pit coal mine and electrical wires hanging everywhere, solar is a major eyesore.



I hate solar because the solar industry had over 170,000 workers in 2014. Coal mining only had 90,000. I think most people would want to work in a dark, coal mine breathing coal dust rather than in the sun where it’s often too bright.



I hate solar energy because the Sun is free to everyone on Earth. It’s harder to wage war over something that’s delivered free to everyone.


Get it? The solar industry wants you to think that using solar panels eliminates electric bills, fights pollution and slows global climate change, but they don’t tell you about all the unintended consequences that I just exposed.

Take it from an insider and believe me when I tell you why – I Hate Solar! 😉

 i hate solar comic strip