Vision and Mission of HelioPower

By Mo Rousso

Mo Rousso depicts HelioPower’s Vision and Mission in the next installment of his Energy Talking Points.

our vision and mission HelioPower's Vision and Mission



As some of you know, I recently retook the helm of HelioPower as its President.  I had stepped away for a while to pursue some other areas of interest, like large-scale project development and helping to develop our energy analytics software.  While I found these initiatives to be personally rewarding, I was needed to provide senior leadership to the overall Company.


Coming back into the Company in this role was like coming home from a long business trip and realizing that your family had learned to get by without you.  It was both gratifying and disappointing at the same time.  However, even though I had very capable managers, they were all running in directions they thought best.  As a result, I decided that I would re-establish my tenure by creating a shared vision and mission around which everyone could align.


I convened a meeting of the management team and facilitated a workshop, focusing on our collective passions and market differentiators.  The team was engaged and via the process we came up with:




We are the highest quality and most knowledgeable provider of integrated energy solutions for both home and business.


In order to realize the vision, we crafted the following mission with which to guide our actions:




We choose to make a positive difference to the planet, our customers, and our teammates.


Subsequently, I held an all team meeting during which I presented the vision and mission.  I requested and received feedback and had them each printed on poster boards placed around the office.  As of this date, we use the vision and mission to align our collective actions and define our marketing and sales efforts around our products and services.  Further, internal business processes have been tuned to enrich our quality control programs and the customer experience; and we have launched HelioU, an internal training program to provide a wide array of training to our team members around technology, customer service, marketing, the use of social media, and our products and services – and there is more to come.


It’s great coming home!