An Integrated Energy Services Company

By: Jonah Liebes

HelioPower is a true integrated energy services company


As part of a rapidly expanding solar energy industry, HelioPower has been on the forefront of technology integration and product development. Over the years, manufacturers such as Sharp Electronics, Enphase, KACO New Energy, Solar Edge, Canadian Solar and Hyundai Heavy Industries have relied on HelioPower’s team of experts to support their product development programs. Our input to those companies has supported products that became ubiquitous in our industry. We have also beta tested and reported on functionality of cloud based software platforms designed to engineer and model solar energy systems.


Unlike many other solar installers, HelioPower is a true Integrated Energy Services company. That’s in part, due to our strong supplier relationships coupled with our focus on multi-technology systems integration. That often earns a “first look” at emerging technologies like predictive analytics, module-level DC optimization, maximum power point tracking (MPPT), fuel cells and smart storage applications.


HelioPower was a very early adopter of DC optimizer systems. Companies like Tigo and Solar Edge offer module level monitoring systems and maximum power point tracking at each solar panel in an array. This allows for maximum output in suboptimal conditions such as shading, module mismatch or failure.  Our use of these DC optimized systems provides higher energy output, more robust monitoring and performance tracking and offers great design flexibility which promotes aesthetic and effective solar energy systems. In addition to those benefits, the Solar Edge 3 Phase inverters operate at high DC voltages (850VDC) which allows for low voltage drop (line losses) while allowing for smaller conductors and lower cost installations. On one recent project, we were able to save our client nearly $50,000 in wire costs due to using the high DC voltage system.