Replacing Foreign Oil with Domestic Solar


Replacing Foreign Oil with Domestic Solar

I believe that most people want to ‘do the right thing’ for the environment, their community, and feel that if they can save money in the process, it’s a bonus. For decades, we have been told that the right thing to do for our country is to reduce consumption of foreign oil. This is a politically loaded statement, but I happen to agree. Reducing the oil we buy from around the world keeps our money here and out of the hands of some seriously anti-American countries. Of course, reducing oil consumption from any source limits air pollution and global climate change. It’s clear that by limiting consumption of oil we are on the right road to drive us into the future.


When I first started installing solar systems with HelioPower 13 years ago, I was ready to join the war on terrible misuse of resources. With enough solar, or so I imagined, we could stop buying foreign oil and hopefully stop pumping as much domestic oil too. Quickly, I realized the fallacy I was committing. We use oil (in large part) for transportation not electricity production. Solar doesn’t replace oil in our current energy economy—solar replaces other ways we generate electricity such as coal, natural gas, and nuclear power.


However, with the new popularity of Electric Vehicles (EVs), we have a viable and growing way for residential and commercial solar consumers to make a major impact on our consumption of oil. By powering our cars with electricity from clean solar energy instead of dirty conflict generating fossil fuels, we will foster a dramatic shift in the world economy—it’s that big.


Simply switching from a gas to an electric car, flips the current paradigm on its head by getting you out of the oil business. But wait there’s more… take the next step and get your electricity, not from the power company who uses coal and natural gas, but from your own rooftop solar energy system. Not only will you be replacing dirty oil with clean electricity, you will have supported one of the fastest growing American industries in the process.


It is time to go solar for yourself, our country, and for the planet.


Let’s roll!