Stopping PV Installations

stopping pv installationsATTENTION: This is not a test. This is an actual emergency. There are people in this world who want to stop PV installations. These are the same people that claim your cell phone is giving you brain cancer and the power lines to your house are giving you headaches and nausea. I won’t name them here, but it’s easy to find “researchers” that have “proven” that electricity is toxic and so is the solar system on your roof.

In one case, they have drafted a letter for anyone to use against their neighbor who wants to install a solar system. This letter makes ridiculous, false claims and outlines several ways to lobby the HOA and neighborhood to stop the installation. They falsely claim that electricity causes myriad neurological diseases including ADD, Alzheimer’s, LGS and more.

In their pseudoscientific literature, we are also told that electricity and especially the stuff that comes from solar panels, is the cause of many modern diseases. Really? Where is the evidence that shows electricity to be the cause of these issues rather than just correlated with health problems? Next week could have Kale as the culprit. My theory is that carrots cause car accidents. How do I know? Most people who get in car accidents have eaten carrots in the previous week. There. It’s proven that carrots cause car accidents.

Here’s another one: since the late 1800’s, the average human life span has nearly doubled. At the EXACT SAME TIME, electricity has become ubiquitous. If you see a graph of electricity consumption correlated with lifespan, it’s clear that the rise of electricity use and the increase in lifespan match up nearly perfectly; using the rules of this engagement that “proves” electricity causes people to live longer (which of course it does not).

The truth is that the electricity from solar panels is the same as the electricity that comes through the wires from your utility… with one exception; it’s from clean and renewable sources!

Please think for yourself, if you are wondering about it—actually read the studies these fear mongers are peddling, and then choose not to be fooled by their FUD. In many cases, they just want you to pay to have your home inspected for electricity leaks and invisible radiation that’s causing everything from Acne to the Zika Virus.

Thanks for being awesome.