Solar Recommissioning Protects our Clients from Energy Losses

solar recommissioningSolar electric facilities make great investments, but only if properly maintained for performance and safety. Annual solar recommissioning (PV-RCx) is fundamental to high performance commercial solar systems. Our team of engineers and technicians specialize in recommissioning systems that have been poorly maintained or are under performing because of component failure.

Our team is able to rehabilitate even the least productive systems through rigorous testing and implementation on of any recommendations.

Electrical Testing

PV-RCx includes testing of electrical circuits included in the solar system. All module strings, combining load centers and inverters are checked for connectivity, voltage, amperage and over current protective device opera on. Through rigorous data collection and analysis, HelioPower’s Field Acceptance and Commissioning Tests (FACTs) identify under performing electrical components. It guides our clients to make smart, cost eff effective repair decisions quickly and efficiently.

Mechanical Inspections

Most solar facilities have few moving parts, however foundations and racking systems must be inspected and maintained to ensure safe and reliable support of the array. In many areas, corrosion cause devastating mechanical failures which lead to unsafe conditions and increasing system owner liabilities. HelioPower PV-RCx includes a thorough inspection and report of all support systems for ground and roof-mounted assets.

Performance Evaluations

Parallel to the technical solar recommissioning effort, our engineering group evaluates system performance. By comparing expected to actual energy harvest to date, baseline performance ratios are developed and an assessment of historical performance is provided. In succeeding years, this baseline production figure is used in our O&M service to track system degradation and used as a key indicator for any changes to system output.

Report and Recommendations

A thorough, professional report of findings and a detailed list of any corrective recommendations are included with each PV-RCx. Classified as hazardous, preventative or performance related, any recommended ac on is fully explained and enumerated. The PV-RCx report is a substantial document rich with photos, performance evaluations and hazard analysis. This provides intelligent recommendations for further action.

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