A Strategic Energy Cost Reduction Partner

HelioPower is your choice for being an energy cost reduction partnerEnergy efficient improvements are an important way to reduce energy costs, especially in times of high energy price volatility. But, how can you or your business reduce energy costs, improve profits, and support sustainability? Today's businesses need a strategic energy cost reduction partner and HelioPower is that partner.

I recently filmed a short video for Renovate America and it’s HERO program. The idea for this particular article is an outcome from the video.  In HERO asking me these particular questions, it really brought to light what makes HelioPower different from the sea of solar contractors that have flooded the marketplace. First, we have been in business now for over 15 years.  In solar years, that makes us one of the oldest and most respected Companies in the field.  We undertake any project, both large and small and either easy or complex.

HelioPower as your energy cost reduction partner

Which brings me to my second point – we are an engineering driven company.  If you look at the other solar companies, most of them are sales driven.  Yes, we all need sales to pay the bills, but in this case I mean that their whole company model is based on being a sales engine.  They provide no design, construction, or repair services.  As your energy cost reduction partner, we take pride in having the reputation of being a high quality designer and builder and often times, other companies hire us to build their projects.  Further, you will find that our own sales team are energy consultants.  They tend to know more about solar than their colleagues in other companies and take a consultative approach in solving our customer’s energy cost problems.  In fact our vision states “We are the highest quality and most knowledgeable provider of integrated energy solutions for home and business.”  We have internalized our vision and have implemented an internal program called HelioU and we provide weekly training to our team on a broad array of topics.

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This brings me to my final point. We are an integrated energy solutions provider.  As I state in the video, we are not a one trick pony.  What I mean by that is that we don’t just do solar.  We take a holistic approach to reducing energy bills for our customers.  While solar is an important arrow in our quiver, we also can provide an impressive array of cost effective solution such as solar thermal, whole house fans, smart HVAC controls, and high efficiency pool pumps for our residential customers. Additionally, we provide smart storage, energy analytics software, consulting services, electric vehicle chargers, and demand reduction solutions to our business clients.

Please keep us in mind when selecting your energy cost reduction partner.