Round Trip Energy Costs with PredictEnergy®

don't know what round trip meansAre you planning an energy efficiency or facility improvement project in an effort to reduce your electric bill? If so, how will you know if the project turns out to be successful? What will you measure before and after project implementation to accurately represent the value of the project and calculate the internal rate of return (IRR) for your company? Is this the kind of project you should do at one of your other facilities or should you focus on other energy cost savings programs? 

calculator to round tripMany projects designed to save energy are missing the point. The point is to save money! With demand charges and other utility fees comprising up to 60% of a facility’s electricity cost, saving energy is just not enough to provide the cost savings most companies are seeking. Begin with the end in mind by targeting cost rather than energy reduction.

At Helio Energy Solutions, our mission is to save you money on your electric bill by targeting energy cost rather than just energy. By deploying our cloud based software platform, PredictEnergy®, clients now have a powerful tool to Round Trip projected financial savings against actual savings to determine project efficacy.

round trip energy todayHere’s how the Round Trip feature in PredictEnergy® works:

Before making any drastic changes to your energy consumption, ask PredictEnergy® to take a baseline 'snapshot' of your energy use profile. We do this by installing energy sensors, meters and data reporting devices to measure how much energy and power you currently consume. Power and energy data are then uploaded in real time to PredictEnergy® servers where they are synthesized with your utility tariff rates to calculate the total cost of energy for the applicable time period. The resolution of this synthesis can be as granular as needed since loads can be measured at the device, circuit, load-center, or success to round trip energy is highfacility level.

For a fraction of the total cost of your energy reduction effort, use PredictEnergy® to characterize your existing load profile, verify the value of your savings and achieve your project goals!

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