Demand Charges and Complicated Pricing Structures are Costing Your Business Money - PredictEnergy® to the rescue!

here is an example of demand chargesThe two principal components of your energy bill are probably your energy usage and your demand charges.

Demand charges can comprise 50% or more of the charges on your bill. Depending on your usage patterns, you may actually be paying more in demand charges than you do for energy!

Demand charges are based on your peak power demand (kW) - not how much energy (kWh) you consume. Priced in dollars per kilowatt per month, these fees are a way for the utility to charge for standing ready to supply you with the power you have historically consumed.

Along with demand charges, ‘time of use’ and ‘peak day pricing’ schemes can make understanding and taking control of your electricity costs a daunting project. That's why so many companies and public agencies have turned to PredictEnergy®, our proprietary energy analytics engine, to visualize their energy use and cost at a glance.

At HelioPower, we are committed to helping our customers find the most effective cost reduction solutions with the highest return on investment.

PredictEnergy® is a patent pending, energy analytics platform that helps customers understand how much energy they are using and identifies cost saving opportunities. Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly how much it costs to run that specific piece of equipment? With PredictEnergy®, operations managers interact with the data driven, intelligent reporting they need to make tough energy use decisions with confidence.

Are you planning to expand your business by adding more energy intensive processes or equipment? Wouldn’t you like to know the impact on your utility costs before you make the changes? With PredictEnergyTM Analytics, as the name implies, you can predict the projected electricity costs associated with the change as an important first step.

To give you a better understanding of PredictEnergy®’s capabilities, here is  a recent case study on how PredictEnergy® saved a Northern California Water Treatment Plant tens of thousands of dollars.