Solar Originators Rely on HelioPower To Install What They Sell

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Solar Originators rely on HelioPower, due to their reputation for high quality installations and customer service.

Back in 2001, HelioPower began building its reputation for high quality installation and customer service. As we grew, HelioPower became a ‘Horizontally Integrated’ energy company with services beyond engineering and construction. In addition to building renewable energy systems, our business included owning and operating a portfolio of solar assets which has since grown to hundreds of individual systems. Through developing and performing our own energy analytics, project financing, engineering, construction and asset management, HelioPower gained over a decade of implementation and management experience.

services we offer to solar originators

With the knowledge and skills to be a top performer in the renewable energy sector, in 2007 HelioPower began offering discrete energy analytics, development, construction and O&M services to manufacturers, owner-operators and even other contractors. HelioPower’s Partner Services division was born!

Residential Project Implementation Services

engineer options for solar originatorsToday, HelioPower Partner Services provides construction and delivery support to some of the biggest companies in renewable energy through a comprehensive menu of services. One of our most successful products is: Residential EPC for Partners ( With your project origination or development and our implementation services, your clients enjoy an incredible experience where the customer comes first. After confirming the feasibility of a project through an engineering site review, each project is implemented by a dedicated project manager who coordinates the construction crew and any customer interface building for solar originatorsrequired. We take care of all the details including engineering, material procurement, construction coordination, utility approvals and rebate processing. Once we have achieved the permission to operate from the utility, we support and encourage client referrals that so the Originator can start the process again with a new opportunity!

Are you a Project Originator looking to initiate or upgrade your implementation engine?

Are you a system or fleet owner that needs boots on the ground for monitoring, billing, service, quality assurance, testing or maintenance? Another popular product we offer is asset management (  Our asset management service is an end-to-end capability including everything from monitoring and dispatch (we actually have our own proprietary energy asset management platform or we can use yours), to cleanings, site services (electrical and structural), reporting and billing and tax preparation.

If you answered “yes” to any these questions, or just to learn more about what we can do for you, please check out our website: or call us (we’re real people), at 800-SOLAR-55

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