Energy Storage System Reduces Energy Costs At Blisterpak

Behind-the-meter energy storage system expected to save Blisterpak an estimated $42,000 per year on utility bills

heliopower installs the energy storage systemLOS ANGELES - OCTOBER 5, 2016 – HelioPower, Inc., a leading energy solutions provider, is pleased to announce that it has installed Sharp’s SmartStorage® behind-the-meter energy storage solution at the Southern California manufacturing and distribution facility of Blisterpak, Inc., a manufacturer of thermoformed packaging and distributor of heat sealing machines. The 120 kW storage system is coupled with Blisterpak’s recently installed 135 kW solar PV installation and the PredictEnergyTM Commercial Energy Management System. The SmartStorage® system is expected to help Blisterpak cut expensive demand charges on its utility bills, and the company expects to save about $42,000 per year on its utility bills.

Peak demand charges are the fastest growing part of utility bills for commercial and industrial customers and can represent up to 50 percent of a company’s monthly utility bill. The site is Blisterpak’s manufacturing and distribution facility located in Southern California Edison’s (SCE) utility territory, an area of the country suffering from peak demand charges as high as $35/kW. Solar PV offsets energy charges but not demand charges. By combining the SmartStorage® system with solar PV, businesses save on both energy and demand.

“We selected the Sharp system because of the company’s long-standing reputation for delivering safe, high-quality and reliable electronic products. Moreover, their system offered an incomparable assurance of long-term service and guaranteed performance with their 10-year asset management service and performance guarantee,” said Mo Rousso, President of HelioPower. “It’s a system that requires almost no oversight on Blisterpak’s part to deliver a high level of savings.”

Energy Storage System

The SmartStorage® system employs sophisticated, predictive analytics and controls to manage the release of energy from the battery. As Blisterpak’s demand starts to spike, a rapid power discharge is triggered to mitigate spikes in demand usage. Blisterpak’s SmartStorage® system installation is backed by Sharp’s innovative 10-year Asset Management Service Agreement, which provides routine and unscheduled maintenance, coupled with a 10-year demand reduction performance guarantee. If guaranteed demand reductions are not met, Sharp will compensate for the deficit in promised peak demand reductions.

“Our system would benefit many commercial and industrial buildings in the SCE territory,” said Carl Mansfield, General Manager and Founder of Sharp Electronics Corporation’s Energy Systems and Services Group. “HelioPower is helping its customers, like Blisterpak, take control of their expensive utility bills by installing the SmartStorage® system and we are pleased to provide them with a solution that reliably and safely delivers results.”


About HelioPower

HelioPower Energy Solutions is an integrated energy solutions company based Murrieta, California. The company helps its clients reduce energy costs and develop energy assets by leveraging renewable energy production, demand side management, and return on investment strategies for clients in the U.S. and abroad. HelioPower employs a diversified approach to providing renewable energy technologies and load reduction expertise. Because needs can vary greatly among energy consumers, HelioPower is committed to helping its clients understand their unique energy challenges to deliver customized, cost-effective services and products to reduce energy costs.

The PredictEnergyTM commercial energy management system (EMS) provides distributed energy resource (DER), load center and power quality monitoring, energy analytics and energy asset management. For more information, visit:


About Sharp Electronics Corporation’s Energy Systems and Services Group
Sharp Electronics Corporation (SEC) is the U.S. division of Japan's Sharp Corporation, a worldwide developer and manufacturer of one-of-a-kind premium technology products. SEC’s Energy Systems and Services Group (ESSG) focuses on developing and delivering innovative energy management products to the U.S. market.  ESSG introduced the SmartStorage® behind-the-meter energy storage system, an energy storage solution designed to reduce peak demand usage for commercial and industrial buildings. Sharp’s industry-first 10-year performance guarantee is included with their 10-year operations and maintenance service agreement, an option available for all SmartStorage® system installations. SmartStorage™ + solar is available with no money down financing options. For more information, visit:


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