GreenThink Radio Interview

greenthink radioGreenThink is a radio show hosted by Tracy Thomas, who is considered a media thought leader in the renewable energy space.  She was kind enough to ask me to be on her show on November 29th at the College of the Desert radio station. The interview was prerecorded and she asked me some questions regarding best ECO practices.

She asked me if  I considered solar one of the best renewable energy sources? I agreed that Solar is one of the best, if not, the best renewable energy source due to the predictability of the sun adn the cost/performance of solar technology.  Technology has enabled solar cells to capture ever more light from the sun and convert that light to energy. Currently we have panels with 20-22% efficient cells.

Tracy was curious if solar energy was feasible for regular folks? And my answer was: absolutely.

Solar is for almost everyone. With the number of financing options available today there is no reason for someone that wants to save money on their utility bill to not go solar. There are $0 down programs that offer an infinity rate of return. Which means no money out of pocket and immediate savings. We are already at or below grid parity.  That means it costs less to produce solar energy than it does to purchase that same energy from the grid.

Thank you very much to Tracy Thomas for having me on her GreenThink Radio Show. I look forward to being on again.

For those who missed the radio segment, you can find the audio below.



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Matt McPherson
Regional Sales Manager

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