Modernism Week: An Insider's Guide to Modern Innovation

modernism week solar panelsWith its short distance from Los Angeles, last Thursday, Palm Springs kicked off their perennial cultural phenomenon that is Modernism Week!

For those not familiar with Modernism Week, it is a signature February event held annually in the Palm Springs area.

Every year, thousands of people attend this special event to celebrate and appreciate mid-century architecture and design.

Modernism Week features more than 250 events including the modernism week housemodernism show and sale, signature home tours, films, lectures, premier bus tours, nightly parties, live music and much more!

Helio Energy Solutions was honored to be selected as the designer and installer of advanced technology solar PV systems for two custom, state-of-art homes showcased during the event.

Move Forward with Modern Technology

The idea was to add more sophistication through advanced energy technologies to the homes' already contemporary and elegant architecture.

By integrating bi-facial, see-through solar modules, the homes get an undeniable contemporary and innovative spin on mid-century modern design principles: clean, linear, simple, and transparent volumes meant for the indoor-outdoor living that is a hallmark of the desert lifestyle.

Modernism Week proved to be exciting and innovative!

We were glad to be a part of such a cultural phenomenon. As a result, Helio Energy Solutions was able to educate participants about preservation and sustainable modern living as represented in the greater Palm Springs area.

To see some of the photos we took from the event, please view the slideshow below!