Energy Storage Technologies: The next big thing today!

HPI core competencies for the energy storage technologiesHelio Energy Solutions focuses on four core technologies: Solar Photovoltaics (PV), Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers, PredictEnergy analytics software, and energy storage technologies.

Energy storage technologies provide energy autonomy and cost reduction for residential and commercial clients.

The benefits include load management, asset management, energy security, and most importantly energy autonomy.

Helio Energy Solutions offers the following energy storage technologies:

  1. Smart Storage
  2. Battery Backup
  3. Backup Generator

These technologies may be used for demand reduction, peak shaving, backup power, off-grid power and solar over-production for both residential and commercial clients.

The following table illustrates where and how this technology is applied:

application of energy storage technologies

A smart storage system consists of batteries, inverters and software to manage the batteries so the system knows when to discharge based on the tariff and the load history.

Alternatively, battery backup power is typically used for off-grid use or data center back-up.  In this scenario, a bank of batteries, or battery array, is charged up and readily available during a power outage.

Unfortunately, battery backup can be an expensive solution to cover longer power outages or large loads because bigger battery arrays are required. Consequently, we tend to recommend generators for longer power outages and large loads.  Generators are considered energy storage simply because they don't have to be turned on. Essentially, a generator is potential energy until turned on to provide electricity.

Generators are usually the most cost effective solution to provide whole-house back-up.

Energy storage is a growing trend since it is highly complementary and distributed. With time-of-use tariffs and growing demand charges, it is the best weapon against high electricity costs.