Useful Solar tips from a company insider

Buying a solar electricity system can be a very exciting experience. But don’t get too carried away by advertising. Be sure to focus on the important aspects of your purchase as it’s a substantial investment and one you’ll be living with for a long time. Which is why we would like to share 3 important solar tips from a company insider on what to look for when buying a system.

3 solar tips from a company insider

1. Get multiple bids, but don't necessarily go with the lowest.
When it comes to solar installation companies you want stable. Your warranty should be at least 10 years and most companies haven't been around that long. Choose a company that has been in business longer than its warranty.

2. Get a system monitor.

It's fun to check your solar production online on your phone. More importantly, by regularly checking your production against the expected value, you can protect yourself against costly off-line systems or other unexpected shutdowns.

3. Buy, don't lease your system.
When you lease a system, you are giving away most of the returns from your investment and the tax credit. Solar leasing companies get the tax credit and other incentives and wrap that into your lease payment. They also include their profits, interest rate, warranty and maintenance costs that you can mostly avoid by owning your system. If you don't have the cash, a loan is better than a lease, but practically nothing beats the financial returns of a paid off solar system.

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