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The Situation

Tens of thousands of California homeowners enjoy the pleasure of going solar. Unfortunately, many have had the unfortunate experience of discovering their original solar contractor is out of business. The carnage in our industry has resulted in what we call “orphaned systems”. Solar installations without a contractor on stand-by to maintain the system and perform any corrective maintenance are “orphaned” and primed for failures and lost energy.

Virtually every day, HelioPower is contacted by a distressed home owner whose solar contractor, the company that should be warrantying and maintaining their solar PV system, has gone dark or gone away completely. It’s a sad fact that many, many smaller contractors have gone bankrupt or simply quit the uber-competitive solar industry.

The Challenge

In one recent case, an upset San Diego home owner called HelioPower’s solar service and asset management center hoping that we could help. Her original contractor who completed the installation had disappeared and her electric utility bill was higher than ever. She didn’t know who to call and was frustrated that she was not saving money.

The Solution

HelioPower’s team jumped into action. Our first task was to inspect the system and perform what we call ‘system re-commissioning’. It was during that process that we discovered that the main solar breaker had tripped and shut down the system entirely. Breakers don’t generally just ‘trip’ so we needed to understand why this one failed. Most companies would have just reset the breaker and been back soon to reset it again or worse, deal with a fire. As we analyzed the results of the re-commissioning, we found the wire to the inverter was undersized which was causing the breaker to overheat and trip offline. HelioPower replaced the undersized wire with the correct conductors, installed a new main breaker, and re-energized the system.

After HelioPower got her solar system back on line, the homeowner couldn’t wait for the next month’s SDG&E bill. She was not disappointed. Now, if anything happens to her system, HelioPower will be the first to know as we are monitoring the system electronically.

If your solar system needs saving or just some service or repairs, call the experts at HelioPower!

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