Photovoltaic Application: HelioKids Safari

I like kids. Kids are inquisitive, full of fun, and soak up knowledge any way they can. Since the beginning of the academic year I have been facilitating a GATE class at my boys’ school in Fallbrook, California. The goals for the class were to make leaning about energy fun and interesting. I wanted to give kids a clear and truthful picture of environmentally sustainable energy production, highlight career and educational opportunities in renewable energy. The class has been a wild success as evidenced by the enthusiastic response coming from parents, teachers, and of course the kids!

Thanks to HelioPower’s corporate sponsorship of the program, we’vephotovoltaic application with heliokids been able to do some really cool projects in the series. First we built an electromagnetic train made of AA batteries, neodymium magnets and 20 feet of coiled copper wire. Twenty-eight 4th and 5th graders now understand that magnetism and electricity are closely related.

They also know the difference between potential and kinetic energy and recognize that power and energy are not the same thing. They also know who won the Nobel prize for describing the photoelectric effect (Einstein).

Let's Take a Trip!

For our April class, we went out on a Safari! I showed the kids around ,what I call, my Safari Truck. It's outfitted with (2) 175 Watt solar panels, a 20A charge controller, a 1kW inverter and a 4kWh at 24VDC battery bank. My family and I take the Safari truck on remote dirt roads in the desert Southwest looking for rock climbing, bird watching and spectacular camping sites. By outfitting the rig with a complete solar energy system, I could show the kids a practical application for solar energy and spur their imaginations to think beyond the classroom and explore the world as HelioKids.

Our HelioKids program teaches kids the basics of energy, solar power
and electricity from industry experts. This is just a small glimpse of our educational sponsorship, so please contact us today for more information

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