Solar Savings with HelioPower

Solar panels bring down your energy costs and save you lots of money over many years. For example, if you purchase a 7 kilowatt solar system, which is about 20 to 21 panels, it can save you an estimated $100,000 in energy costs over the span of 20 years! But what would you do with your solar savings?

Here are 5 things you could with all of that:


  1. Send your kids to College

solar savings for college

College education is EXTREMELY expensive. But with solar, you can start saving thousands of dollars a year! Thanks to solar sending your kids to college is one less thing you don’t have to worry about.


  1. Pay off debt or bills

solar savings to pay debt

Everyone has debt to pay, whether it’s from student loans or from a credit card. By levelizing your utility costs, having that extra money to help pay off your debt couldn’t be easier.


  1. Save for your retirement

solar savings for your retirement

Going solar can help you save for your retirement. While thinking about your 401Ks, IRAs and stocks, have you ever thought investing in a solar power system and reaping the savings for retirement?


  1. A Yearly Vacation

With all the money, your solar system will be saving you, you can plan a yearly vacation with your family!


  1. Remodel your home

With thousands of dollars in savings, you could turn your current house into your dream home! Go ahead, upgrade your kitchen, build a pool, add mote even because why not?


The truth is, there are lots of things you might do with all that extra money, especially since the savings can add up massively over the years.

The point is, all these ideas for your savings from going solar are material and substantial, and things you should probably be doing anyway.

Unfortunately, the longer you wait to go solar, the less you’ll save and the more you’ll continue to line the utility’s pockets instead of your own.

At HelioPower, our simple process helps you generate your own clean, affordable energy with a minimum of hassle. With solar, you can secure predictable energy costs for years to come.