Have an Old Solar Inverter? Increase Solar Generation by upgrading to SolarEdge!

Many early adopters installed solar panels back when the technology was in its infancy. Back then, the only option was to use what's called a 'string inverter' and, at the time, they were the best thing going. Now, we have a great way to increase solar generation by upgrading to the latest technology.

So what if I have a string inverter? Remember those old-style Christmas lights where if one light bulb burns out, the whole string goes out. Given the choice between buying one of those or a better set where if one light goes out – it’s the only light that goes out – which would you choose?

Power optimizers are the future!

Of course, you’d choose the second option. So would I. Unfortunately, back when we went solar, the old-style ‘one panel goes out they all go out’ inverter was the option available.

The good news is that solar inverters have evolved a lot in the last 10 years and if you’d like to get more power out of your existing system, upgrading to panel level electronics makes a lot of sense, especially if:

    • Your old inverter is coming to the end of its useful life (10-15 years)
    • Your roof has seasonal shading issues
    • Your solar system is pointing more than one direction
    • Your solar inverter has stopped working altogether (and may be out of warranty)
    • You’d like to add on to your existing solar array
    • You want advanced inverter functions like energy 'time of use'  and back up energy storage

The advantages of upgrading to SolarEdge from your old inverter include:

    • Higher efficiency DC to AC conversion (98%) means more power from your existing panels
    • Individual panel-level optimization significantly increases overall energy harvest
    • Unique fire safety features give you peace of mind.
    • Panel level monitoring makes for efficient remote diagnostics and reporting
    • Path to upgrade your existing solar panels to higher wattages as desired
    • Easier solar operations and maintenance and solar service in the future.

If you are a solar customer who is looking for a way to get a lot more out of your existing solar system, increase solar generation by upgrading to SolarEdge.

solar service ensures you can increase your solar generation.