sell your solar project

The new tax code creates strong incentives to sell operating solar projects

The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has created a new opportunity to sell your solar project for cash.  Helio Micro Utility is acquiring operational solar projects and portfolios.   You receive all benefits of solar energy without the ownership headaches.  And, you can reinvest the cash to take advantage of new tax benefits.


If you have ever subscribed to Netflix, leased a car, rented an office, or used Salesforce or other cloud-based software, you understand the benefits of the subscription business model: you pay only for the benefits, avoid the financial, operational, and legal burdens of ownership, and put the extra cash to better uses.  This also applies to Solar as a Service. Sell your project for cash and buy only the electricity it generates.  Get the benefit of cheap, clean electricity without tying up cash, and avoid the time and expense of monitoring, cleaning, maintaining, and warranty administration.  You can put the cash back into your core business, non-profit, or general fund and use it as you please.  Many of our customers use the sale proceeds to reinvest in their business and take advantage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s lower tax rates and "100% expensing" provisions.


If you own and host a solar facility, we will pay cash for that facility and sell the electricity it generates back to you for less than the utility rates.  Our experienced in-house Asset Management and Operations and Maintenance teams will own, operate, repair, and clean the solar facility.

If you are a third-party owner of a solar facility, we will purchase that facility and its existing energy sales agreement, allowing you to reinvest the cash in new projects or use it to pay off investors.

100% Expensing

Boring but important: we can expense 100% of the purchase price

If you are an investor in a solar facility, we may be interested in buying you out.  We can buy out Sponsor Equity and/or Tax Equity investor positions (at the flip or after the ITC holding period). We also selectively acquire solar debt.


Simply put, your solar facility may be worth more to us than it is to you.  The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017  now permits us to expense 100% of the solar acquisition expense immediately; a benefit not available to current system owners under the previous tax law.  Additionally, if your project has outlived its 5-year Investment Tax Credit or solar incentives, its value to you is now reduced by 30-50%.  Add to this our ability to use experienced, low-cost, in-house resources to manage and maintain the solar facility, and there’s a great economic opportunity for us both.  You put the cash to your best use, we do what we do best, and we both save along the way.

HelioPower Operations and Maintenance

Helio is equipped to own and operate Solar


Helio Micro Utility has developed, financed and managed solar projects since 2007.  We own and operate hundreds of solar facilities like yours.  We have substantial project acquisition experience and can provide all of the transaction documentation. Helio Micro Utility works transparently, collaboratively and flexibly to arrange a deal that works for you.


We can’t buy every solar project. We also don’t want to waste each other’s time chasing deals that don't benefit both buyer and seller.  To determine whether it may makes sense to sell your solar project, please consider our requirements:

  • We acquire solar assets and portfolios of assets from 100kW to 10MW in size, interconnected within the United States.
  • There must be a long-term energy sales contract in place with the System Host or a qualified third party. This is before purchase.
  • We generally require the system Host to provide all property and general liability insurance coverage for everyone's benefit.  We will assist with any insurance negotiations and adjust the purchase price or agreement for the cost of that coverage.
  • Eligible sellers must be past their 5-year Solar Investment Tax Credit window.  Alternatively, any remaining Solar Investment Tax Credit is stranded.


If your project meets these requirements (or comes close – remember we’re flexible and creative!), give us a call! We’ll think through the sale together, no charge.  Here are the next steps:

  1. Contact Helio Micro Utility to schedule a free phone consultation, feasibility assessment and preliminary proposal.
  2. With your authorization, Helio Micro Utility will conduct due diligence to assess your solar assets and any related energy sales contract(s).
  3. Helio Micro Utility will work with you to negotiate a transaction that gives you cash in exchange for ownership of the solar asset(s) and energy sales contract(s)