An Introduction to Kinetic Energy

This year's HelioKids consists of an introduction to kinetic energy  It’s that time again! The HelioKids GATE workshop is back in session!

If you're not familiar with our HelioKids program, it is a sponsorship by Helio Energy Solutions to teach kids the basics of energy, solar power, and electricity from industry experts. For an entire class period, one of our Helio Energy Solutions representatives talks about the basic concepts of electricity.

Helio Energy Solutions teaches the GATE kids about kinetic energyIn this year’s first of four workshops, Helio Energy Solutions’s President, Jonah Liebes, engaged the 4th, 5th and 6th graders in an Introduction to Energy. We like to start off with the basics, such as, describing the different forms of energy we encounter every day.

Kinetic Energy project used to teach the GATE kidsUsing examples from their playground and other fun activities, the HelioKids explored the difference between Kinetic and Potential Energy. At this age, the kids are just starting to learn algebra so we challenged them to calculate the Kinetic Energy of a girl on a swing and the Potential Energy of a ball on a table. The students quickly mastered the topic and can correctly identify the types of energy seen around their school.

No HelioKids project would be complete without a fun activity for the student. On an 80-degree day in February here in sunny Southern California, the class broke into groups and made parabolic solar cookers. This simple project requires only some aluminum foil, a shoe box, and a little tape to create a homemade s’mores maker.

Stay tuned for the next installment of HelioKids!

This is just a small glimpse of our educational sponsorship, so please contact us today for more information or if you think you're smarter than a 5th grader take our 5th grade solar PV quiz to see how much you know about photovoltaics.