Understanding Basic Electricity

basic electricity for kids from HelioPowerIn this month’s class, the kids learned basic electricity (basics of matter and electricity). They also, experimented connecting series and parallel circuits to understand the effects of each configuration. With this fundamental knowledge of electrical systems as a foundation, the HelioKids learned to perform calculations of voltage and current, seeing how lights and motors behave under various connection scenarios.

Basic Electricity Experiment

the heliokids learn basic electricity from Jonah Liebes

Using a set of batteries, connectors, micro-motors, and lights, the HelioKids made series and parallel circuits.

Since voltage is additive in a series circuit, by connecting several batteries positive to negative (+ to -) like in a flashlight, the kids increased the voltage and brightness of a light. They don’t know it yet, but that’s just how we build series strings in our solar installations.

By learning basic electricity in a fun classroom setting, these kids are getting a head start on designing energy systems and engineering their future. In one of the next classes, we will connect solar panels in series directly to a pump to circulate the fluid in a hot water collector.

When HelioPower started installing solar panels back in 2001, none of our HelioKids were even born. For over 16 years, HelioPower has been building solar energy systems and educating the public about the benefits and uses of solar power. For the last couple of years, HelioPower has been presenting our HelioKids renewable energy curriculum to the kids in the GATE program at a local elementary school.

If you would like to view the presentation, please see the powerpoint below.

Stay tuned for next month's installment of HelioKids!

Basic Electricity Presentation

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