First Lutheran Church Solar Launch Ceremony

Helio Energy Solutions is honored to be a part of FLC's solar launch ceremonyHelio Energy Solutions was recently invited to attend First Lutheran Church’s (FLC) Ribbon Cutting Event as special guests for their solar launch ceremony. First Lutheran Church unveiled their new 70.38 kW DC solar photovoltaic (PV) system located in the city of Vista in Southern California.  The solar system was financed through an innovative, non-profit Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) set up by Helio Energy Solutions's sister company, Helio Micro Utility.

For those not familiar, First Lutheran is a purpose driven church committed to worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and mission. They encourage their congregation to change lives and celebrate diversity.

The event kicked off with a joint service consisting of the English and Spanish speaking congregation, following a small prayer lead by the church’s Pastor, and a brunch reception. Helio Energy Solutions’s representative was privileged to join the other contractors of the restoration project to hold the ribbon as Mark Schneekluth and Bob Schoup, President of the congregation, symbolically cut the ribbon.

Overall, after a council member and his family turned on the disconnect switch of the solar PV system, the FLC’s solar ribbon cutting ceremony proved to be moving and innovative.

First Lutheran Church Solar Installation

Helio Energy Solutions was proud to be selected as the design, installation and non-profit financing contractor for First Lutheran's solar PV system. Because a Prepaid PPA reduces the cost of solar by approximately 15%, First Lutheran Church was able to receive financial approval for their restoration project.

Their solar PV system will generate approximately 120,000kWh-124,000kWh of clean, renewable electricity which meets up to 90% of their average annual electrical needs and saves them about thousands of dollars per year in estimated utility bills.

We want to thank the First Lutheran Church of Vista for inviting us to their solar launch ceremony. We were honored to be part of such a memorable milestone. As a result, Helio Energy Solutions was able to educate their community about becoming energy efficient and the sustainable benefits of solar energy.

Below, First Lutheran has created a short video they have shared with their entire congregation about the process of their project to commemorate the success of their major restoration initiative.

To learn more about the solar installation project, click here.