HelioPower's Solar Protection Plan

A solar protection plan is designed to help you manage the cost of unexpected solar repairs and save you money from lost solar production. Despite the different service levels, all our plans are designed to provide year-round peak performance for your system. But, how do you know which plan to pick and how do solar protection plans cover regular inspections and physical repairs to your system?

Do I need a protection plan if my system is still under warranty?

Protection plans are not the same as warranties. Warranties cover manufacturer or workmanship problems. Solar protection plans offer a layer of security beyond solar warranties, addressing performance of the system that can degrade due to normal wear and tear, thereby costing you lost production and lost revenue.

 HelioPower offers three different solar protection plans that provide everything from simple monitoring, to standard maintenance, to production guarantees.

  1. HelioPower Solar Protection Plan - This plan covers basic monitoring and discounted maintenance services as needed.
  2. HelioPower Operations and Maintenance Plan - This plan includes everything in the Solar Protection Plan plus one cleaning and one inspection.
  3. HelioPower Production Guarantee - Includes everything in the Operations and Maintenance Plan plus an output production guarantee.

How the HelioPower Solar Protection Plan works

Our Solar Protection Plan provides superior service and extensive customer benefits, including:

  • Monitoring to ensure your system is online (you must have existing monitoring hardware.  If you don't have existing monitoring, we can install for you.
  • 25% discount on labor.
  • 10% discount on all parts not under warranty.
  • No overtime rates.
  • Discounted expected production analysis and forecasting.
  • Discounted preventative maintenance inspection and cleaning at your 6-month anniversary.
  • Top-notch, quality service to extend the life of your equipment.
  • Improved operating efficiency to avoid downtime and lost revenue.
  • Priority scheduling – 48-hour response time.
  • Monthly report showing production.
a solar protection plan can homeowners maintenance for their solar system

If you have any interest in learning more about HelioPower's solar protection plan, our solar operations and maintenance plans, and how it can be beneficial for you, visit the full webpage or please contact us today!