Sense Energy Monitor

HelioPower is now selling the Sense Energy MonitorWe've talked about the benefits of various energy saving solutions. However, there is one important fact you need to remember—becoming energy efficient is more than just automating your home with upgrades. Real energy management requires an energy monitoring system. By knowing how much energy your home is using and when it's using it, you can better respond to that usage and take control of your costs. There are several ways you can monitor your home's electricity use. Some methods only provide information for the appliances already connected to the monitoring device. But, at HelioPower, the Sense Energy Monitor takes a different, whole-house approach.

What is the Sense Energy Monitor?

Sense is a energy monitoring device that tracks the power usage and activity of the individual appliances in your home. It allows homeowners to instantly see their trends, adjust their energy consumption, and helps find ways to become more energy efficient. Sense also monitors solar production, comparing the home's energy usage with overlaid graphs and historical trends.

How does it work?

The Sense energy monitor detects devices plugged into your home’s electrical system based on a unique signature approach to using electricity. For example, if you have a toaster that uses 1200 watts, Sense could look for those occasions where your total electrical consumption is increased by 1200 watts. Then, when your consumption has decreased, the device infers that the toaster must have turned off.

However, you probably have many appliances in your home that probably uses 1200 watts. So, how does Sense detect devices? Well, it uses complex signals based on electricity wave-forms than the overall wattage. Sense uses models that are more complex than just assuming your devices are turned on and off. There are tons of details available in these wave-forms that go beyond basic wattage calculations.

toaster energy analytics from the Sense Energy Monitor

How is Sense Installed?

Installation is typically straightforward and takes less than 30 minutes without any rewiring. Two current sensors are clamped around the main power feed inside your electrical panel, and then the device connects to a 240V breaker. These sensors take advantage of the relationship between electricity and magnetism to non-intrusively measure the current. While the voltage is measured through the same circuit breaker that supplies the monitor with power. When the monitor is installed, it begins analyzing data at about 4 million data points each second. This type of high-resolution monitoring makes it possible for the Sense energy monitor to distinguish similar devices as small bits of information are sent through your home’s Wi-Fi to Sense’s cloud servers.

Reduce your costs with Sense Energy Monitoring

Sense Energy Monitor product and app suite insightThe benefits of implementing an energy monitoring system, like Sense, is huge and reaches further than saving energy costs. Thanks to Sense’s high-resolution metering and machine learning algorithms, it can provide an abundance of information about your home’s energy use. With this in-depth knowledge, there’s a lot you can do to shed some light on your bill and lower your costs.

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