Electric Power Quality Explained

you can understand electric power quality through advanced energy monitoring.Electric power quality is something largely taken for granted.  We flip on the switch, plug in a device or turn on a piece of manufacturing equipment and we expect it to work. But, when was the last time you took a detailed look at the quality of power supplied by your utility? Electrical devices require a specific level of voltage, frequency, power quality and stability. If these parameters stray too far from expectations, they can cause issues that range from annoying to downright dangerous.

Helio Energy Solutions is an energy analytics firm that conducts routine power quality monitoring. They see many electric power quality challenges such as, continuity of services, transient voltages and currents, wide voltage variations, and high sinusoidal noise. Base issues are often compounded by power factors below 0.9 straight from the utility. There are also broad fault and failure reasons including the utility’s power delivery system, outdated equipment, or sometimes it’s your neighbors’ fault with overloaded transformers and big transient power loads.  When your electrical equipment doesn’t get what it needs, it responds with poor performance, high energy use and disruptive manufacturing outcomes.

However, advanced energy monitoring from PredictEnergy®, can help isolate electric power quality issues and point you in the right direction for a solution. PredictEnergy® is specifically designed to help drive down energy costs in everything an enterprise makes, moves or stores. Advanced energy analytics may be the difference between identifying the problem and deploying a technology solution.

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