Developing and selling solar projects? Don't leave money on the table!

Developing and selling solar projects? Getting top-dollar for your commercial solar projects requires a deep understanding of project economics, stakeholder preferences, and the solar project market.

Developing and selling solar projects? Are you getting your hard earned cash?In any solar project seeking funding, there are only so many dollars that must be shared among all stakeholders.  At a minimum, there’s the EPC, offtaker, investors, host, and you, the project developer; each with their own preferences and ideas on how big a slice to which they may be entitled.  An investor may want a 10% return, but you also need to show substantial savings to the offtaker with reasonable PPA terms.

How do you know how much each of these players should receive?  If you accept a 10% Development Fee for your work, how do you evaluate that, when you could have earned 15%?  It’s possible, if not likely, that you’re giving hard-earned money away to the other stakeholders.

Helio mU can help with developing and selling solar projects

Selling Solar projects will earn you moneyHelio Micro Utility (Helio mU) has the tools and expertise to ensure that you receive top-dollar for your efforts. Helio mU finds investors who place the highest value on your projects.  We offer free initial consultation that takes you behind the scenes of our financial models, revealing the distribution of your project’s profits. While running different real-world scenarios, we can modify that distribution to maximize your profit.

HmU has been developing and financing renewable energy projects since 2007, and our team has more than a decade of experience on the ‘Wall Street’ side of investing.  This combination is the perfect match, and enables us to fully understand the perspective and needs of all stakeholders in the project.  We are attuned to the market for solar projects, and have a broad network of investors specifically interested in owning solar projects, at all stages of project development.

For a free consultation, and to find out how much your project may be worth, please contact Tom Selden, Director of Project Finance, at 951.465.5924 or contact us here.