solar assets for saleSolar Assets for Sale

Since 2001, HelioPower and its affiliates have developed, financed, built, managed and owned solar assets. We buy systems for our own account, and we buy systems and manage them on behalf of others.  We are currently working with a large investment group to acquire operating North American solar residential and commercial/industrial portfolios. The investors are well-capitalized, experienced owner/operators and offer flexible terms, competitive valuations, finder’s fees for third party referrals and an expedited close.

Why Sell your Solar Portfolio?

Any of the following seller motivations presents an economic opportunity to create value by selling to our investors:

  • Cash – We have enough cash on hand to procure 25MW of operating solar assets, with commitments for additional funding.
  • Strategic fit – Companies evolve. If solar is no longer essential to your core business, it may be time to sell. We have acquired numerous systems from owner-operators who decided they were better off focusing in another strategic direction for their business or their investments.
  • High operating expenses – With in-house O&M and Asset Management resources, we can drive down operating expenses. Your assets may be worth more to us than they are to you!
  • Client/lessee or offtaker satisfaction - offtakers move, replace roofs and want their systems cleaned. If you're not geared up to manage the changes, the coordination can be overwhelming.  We do it all in-house.
  • Tracking performance of solar systems with disparate monitoring platforms - We integrate all our systems onto the PredictEnergy platform so we can go to one application and see the performance of all our systems in one place. However, that may not be the best option for you if you have a small number of residential systems across multiple monitoring platforms that are not easily upgradeable.
  • Inadequate staffing – It’s hard for small teams to operate and maintain diverse portfolios particularly with all the changes in offtakers and lessees.
  • Policy uncertainty – Tariffs, taxes and sunsetting incentives may drive up discount rates.
  • Partnership Flip timing – Some developers lack the cash to buy out Tax Equity partners and pay off debt.
  • Investors learn quickly that solar assets require much more care and feeding than may have been anticipated.
  • Inadequate Scale – Owners of small portfolios and individual assets face dramatically higher fixed costs that can significantly reduce returns.
  • Orphans – Owners of larger portfolios often inherit a few ill-fitting assets.
  • Value – Sellers seeking maximum value will appreciate our willingness to structure high-dollar earn-out transactions.
  • Bankruptcy – We can expedite terms to help sellers move quickly through bankruptcy proceedings.

Sell your solar assets to Helio Micro Utility

So, if you are a solar asset owner who would like to test the market or you know of solar asset owners who face similar circumstances, we’d appreciate an introduction. If appropriate, we can schedule a meeting, or an introductory conversation by phone.  You can begin by contacting us here.