Professional Services Representative

What Is This Topic?

Location:  Murrieta, San Francisco, or Thousand Palms, CA 


Reporting to Jonah Liebes at the Murrieta office of HelioPower, Inc., this key sales position sells multiple product families including Engineering and other Professional services as well as small commercial PV systems and Operations and maintenance service contracts.


  • Collaborate with engineering and management team to refine and sell service offerings
  • Identify and engage prospective  clients
  • Develop custom and standardized engineering solution packages for clients
  • Oversee scope development and pricing for complex engineering projects
  • Develop sales verticals to sell services and additional EPC work
  • Provide timely progress reports for clients
  • Meet or exceed sales quotas across several product families
  • Many other duties as assigned


  • 5+ years sales experience
  • Proven track record of delivering engineered solutions
  • Renewable energy project implementation, sales, and engineering background
  • Excellent computer skills and competent use of  MS Office, etc
  • Highly organized self-starter
  • Professional communication skills, demeanor and appearance
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with clients of all disciplines
  • Ability to travel to client locations


The Professional Services Representative (PSR) is compensated through both a base salary and a commission. The commission rate is based on the product family in which a sale is made. The PSR has the ability to generate personal income from all the product families the HelioPower offers; however some earnings will be through direct saleswhile others will be through a referral to other employed subject matter experts.

The PSR is eligible for direct sales in the following product families:

  1. Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
  2. Professional Services
  3. Commercial EPC

The PSR is eligible for referred sales in all other product families.

Reports to:  Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations