Residential Field Superintendent

Location:  Murrieta, CA 


The Residential Field Superintendent (RFS) has three primary responsibilities: safety, pick lists and crew oversight. All job functions are challenging and will require long hours of careful site work, crew management and traveling between sites. The RFS is the single point of accountability across the full scope of a project from site audit through close out.


  • Coordinate with Engineering, Construction, and Sales department so that audits are performed effectively
  • Manage all residential construction projects for HelioPower to ensure safe, timely, profitable and high quality projects.
  • Staff CSI, AHJ and other inspections as required
  • Perform daily crew mobilization- crew/truck assignments, safety briefing, issue resolution, etc
  • At the start of every project, discuss the specifics to ensure adherence to plan
  • Act as company safety officer- crew training, adherence to policy, innovation of procedures, safety manual ownership
  • Ensure appropriate crew (size, skill mix, etc) for every project
  • Ensure crews have required equipment for the day’s projects
  • Ensure residential crew productivity does not fall below predetermined levels
  • Manage subcontractors- roofers, electrical subs, etc to ensure project schedule is maintained outside the office.
  • Manage Installers (Mentor, train, review and discipline when needed)
  • Perform QA/QC check on every completed project
  • Perform site installation work as required to keep projects moving and on time
  • Adhere to established project budget
  • Perform reporting functions as required by Construction Manager
  • Communicate effectively with customers, accounting and sales reps to keep them well informed of project status
  • Improve HPI efficiency through innovative construction methods, process improvements, crew discipline
  • Maintain availability for crews to keep in close contact with you
  • Works with Engineering Department and Site Auditor on Electrical Call Outs
  • Create and review equipment pick lists


  • Audit abilities- compass, Sun eye, measuring, roof walking/climbing, data gathering, drawing
  • Crew management and logistics
  • Strong solar and electrical skills
  • Knowledge of OSHA requirements
  • Subcontractor relations and management
  • Excellent internal and external communication and computer skills
  • Conflict resolution within crews, customers, sales reps, AHJ’s etc.
  • Some travel required


  • Competitive Compensation Package including salary and bonus
  • Competitive health insurance, matching 401k, PTO, paid holidays

Reports to:  Manager, Residential Construction

Send resume and cover letter to: [email protected]