Mo Rousso

Founder and President

MoRoussoMo is a true industry veteran, having constructed his first solar energy project in 1975. He founded HelioPower in 2001, and has consistently applied his 30 year engineering and asset management background to the development of integrated energy solutions. Prior to HelioPower, Mo was the Chief Utility Strategist for Breakaway Solutions, an international consulting firm. Mo has significant experience as a utility engineer in the design and operation of coal, nuclear and solar power plants.

Professional Distinction

  • Designed, constructed and commissioned solar, coal, nuclear, and hydro-electric generating facilities
  • Automated asset management experience, including: Customer service and billing systems, work flow systems, computerized maintenance management systems, financial management systems, automated meter reading systems, GIS, SCADA, and process control systems
  • Engineering and asset management experience: Oversaw the development, construction and operation of over 120 company owned solar PV plants across California
  • Developed and implemented proprietary PV maintenance processes, including: Predictive, Preventative, and corrective maintenance practices
  • Authored numerous papers, topics include: energy issues and solutions and implementation of IT systems
  • Co-Authored a book on the use of object oriented technology to facilitate the engineering of business processes
  • Co-Authored a second book on energy issues and solutions affecting waste water utilities across the US


  • MBA, emphasis in Finance, University of Phoenix
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Arizona

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