Our Mission

Helio Energy Solutions's Mission

Helio Energy Solutions's Mission still occurs at our new office

Helio Energy Solutions’s mission is to reduce the cost of energy for our clients using sustainable technologies. We employ a diversified approach to providing renewable energy technologies and load reduction expertise. Because needs can vary greatly among energy consumers, Helio Energy Solutions is committed to helping our clients understand their unique energy challenges as well as delivering a highly customized array of services and products to address any energy objective.

Since 2001, Helio Energy Solutions has engineered and installed more than 5,000 solar power and clean energy solutions for residential, commercial, community and utility scale customers and partners in the United States and worldwide. The success of Helio Energy Solutions's mission is the result of an integrated suite of products and services.

We are first and foremost an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company serving the residential, business and government sectors.  In addition, we are also: (a) an owner-operator, owning outright more than 250 energy assets; (b) an energy asset manager with a large portfolio of energy systems under contract; (c) an energy operations and maintenance (O&M) provider to some of the largest developers in the world; (d) an energy finance company that raises and syndicates project finance for both our own and third-party energy projects; and, (e) a software and services provider with a proprietary energy analytics software platform called PredictEnergy™ to help our clients reduce the energy intensity of their businesses.  We are a team of dedicated individuals working with a diverse set of tools across multiple customer segments, but united by the same mission: to reduce energy costs for our customers.  We do this by improving demand-side performance and developing high performing energy assets for our customers, partners and investors.

Our heritage is rooted in the solar industry and we remain dedicated to increasing the use of solar power as a sustainable energy source and, in so doing, help our customers reduce or eliminate their electric bill.  When solar is not the optimal solution, however, Helio Energy Solutions deploys alternate distributed generation technologies to maximize our customers' and investors' return on investment.

At Helio Energy Solutions, we take great pride and satisfaction in turning the promise of distributed renewable power, energy analytics, and demand-side efficiencies into the reality of energy cost reductions every day.