Our Story

We Have A Total Energy Solutions Platform That Allows Us To  Elegantly Design, Thoughtfully Engineer, Economically Finance, Custom Build, & Individually Maintain Your Energy System.

HelioPower’s total sustainable energy platform (everything from energy analytics to project finance, engineering, construction, and asset management) is unique in the energy industry. Not only that, we're an owner-operator of almost 300 solar systems and we understand how to design and build systems of the highest quality and performance. This sets us apart from any and every other solar or sustainable energy company and it demonstrates our expertise in the complete solar lifecycle; expertise we leverage to help us process, finance, build, manage, and care for solar and other sustainable energy solutions for our clients.


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Our mission is to help people, whether in their homes, at their companies, among their communities, or inside our government, to take control of their energy. HelioPower guides them in both the reduction of their energy consumption and the production of the energy they need.

Our energy platform makes us the only true Sustainable Energy Lifecycle Provider and gives us the opportunity and privilege of building lifetime relationships with our clients.

As we have worked to develop this platform since 2001, we have remained consistently profitable, thus allowing us to both make further investment in to the teams, the expertise, the products, & services that make up our energy platform and plan for a vibrant future that will enable those lifetime energy relationships.

Building this total energy platform is a mission that we have successfully pursued over the course of the past 13 years, developing over 5,000 distributed generation systems all over the world for individual residences, corporations and public agencies alike.  Some of our customers include San Diego Gas & Electric, Chevron, Safeway, Porsche, the City of South San Francisco, The San Jose Tech Museum & The Ronald McDonald House. Each system is custom engineered to solve the individual energy needs of that particular client.

Perhaps even more important than the 5,000 systems that we did built are the systems that we have chosen NOT to build. Our unwavering commitment to elegant design, thoughtful engineering, and economic financing does not allow us to help every potential energy solutions candidate.

We cannot and will not design systems that don’t enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the building or land up which it is to be built. We live in a beautiful world and we won’t let our work detract from that.

We cannot and will not engineer systems that won’t produce to our exacting standards. Our client’s satisfaction comes from the reality of a significantly reduced or eliminated energy bill and if we can’t engineer a system that will consistently and reliably do that, we won’t take the project.

Lastly, we cannot and will not take a project where the financing does not make economic sense for our clients. Because of our intimate knowledge of the financial side of energy we know when a system doesn’t make sense for our clients. We will not only tell you about it, but we will point you in the direction of better alternatives for your particular situation.

This commitment to excellent work has led to an astonishing 70% referral rate. That means that 7 out of every 10 systems we have built has been a result of a referral or introduction from an existing satisfied client.

We believe it is our total energy platform that allows us to be with our clients and advocate for them during each and every step of the process that has lead to this kind of referral activity on the part of our clients.

We are a high integrity company and our clients see that at every stage. Our designs are top notch. Our engineering team is the best there is. Our installation crews are so good other companies hire us to install their systems. Our support is so good that you’d think our staff came into the office everyday wearing capes.

In-fact, at our current rate of system builds we drill an average of 20,000 holes in roofs every year and get about 6 calls about roof leaks and 1/3 of those aren’t even related to our work, but we fix them anyways. Our error rate is 1/10 of 1% and we always fix it, always.

So, in your quest to find a sustainable energy provider for your home or business, consider our story and consider what you care about the most when making a big decision like this.

Maybe you don’t care about aesthetics. Maybe top notch engineering doesn’t make a difference to you. Maybe you like being a number in someone else’s ‘solar install machine’. Maybe you really like one-size-fits-all solutions. Maybe you don’t care about the quality of the install work that is done to your home or business. We do.

Our guess is that you do indeed care deeply about each of these. If that's the case, then please pick up the phone and call us today. We will help you take complete control of your energy costs.