Agribusiness Solar Projects

Agriculture Solar Installations by HelioPower

Labor costs, access to water, weather and market conditions vary each year. Solar energy can offset a significant portion of overall operating costs and create greater business predictability. With the agriculture sector's incentives and access to cheap financing, solar is a solid business decision with a rapid payback. HelioPower has helped many clients in the agricultural and food processing community. Each stand-alone agriculture solar installations below is designed, engineered, financing and implementation to meet the client’s objectives.

Giumarra Vineyards is one of the agriculture solar installations designed by HelioPower

Giumarra Vineyards; Bakersfield, CA – 516kw Single Axis Tracker

Giumarra Vineyard turns to HelioPower for strategies to reduce utility bills by installing solar PV systems. Giumarra was looking to significantly reduce their energy costs. They developed a sustainability program that included strategies to reduce their electricity consumption throughout their growing and packing operations, and to develop distributed clean energy sources to offset costs and carbon emissions.

Mid Valley Nut is another one of the agriculture solar installations designed by HelioPower

Mid Valley Nut; Hughson, CA – 540kW

Tree nut company saves over $300,000 in its first year from a combination of HelioPower lighting, solar and structured financing projects.

Sabert Corp is one of the many agriculture solar installations designed by HelioPower

Sabert; Riverside, CA – 325kw

In 2010, Sabert contracted for a 325 kW DC system to reduce the power load of its massive Riverside, CA food processing and cold storage plant. Sabert’s director of construction, Burt Schaeffer, turned to HelioPower to salvage the pieces of the solar power system in time to save the company’s rebate.

At HelioPower, we help the agriculture sector cut costs and grow. Our agriculture solar installations are designed to meet your current electrical needs. Every kilowatt-hour (kWh) your solar system produces will offset one that you would have needed to otherwise purchase from your electric company. Which means, you'll be saving money instead of losing it.