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Las Vegas Solar Panels for Homeowners

Nevada has vast deserts, and is capable of providing a great amount of solar power. Currently, about a quarter of Nevada's electricity is being generated by clean energy, geothermal, hydro and a bit of wind.  Las Vegas is also shining in terms of the top cities for solar in the U.S, making Las Vegas solar a practical alternative to the utility with thousands of homeowners making the switch to solar. That's why we've expanded our services and are now providing whole house energy solutions for homeowners across the Las Vegas area!

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Get control over your energy costs and save on your monthly bill while making your planet a better place with clean, renewable energy.

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Las Vegas solar panels from HelioPower

Why HelioPower is your Las Vegas Solar Contractor

HelioPower is built on years of engineering experience, installing solar on over 6,000 homes across Southern California. Which is why we've expanded over to Las Vegas! Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality solar panels in Las Vegas that works for your energy needs.

  • HelioPower has years of experience developing solar panel systems.
  • Our energy professionals research your current energy bills to assess your energy needs.
  • Our solar Las Vegas Solar Service team supports your solar energy system for its entire service life.
  • We develop a unique design that maximizes the amount of energy generated.

Our whole house approach consists of a comprehensive energy analysis of your usage history and habits to determine how you consume energy. By understanding how you consume power, HelioPower offers an energy-saving solution to reduce your consumption and help you gain energy independence.

Las Vegas Solar Projects

Las Vegas Solar Service

Our Las Vegas solar service team stands by their work even long after we've put the solar panels up on your roof and you've turned on the power. You'll only have one team to call if you have any questions before, during or after your solar power installation. We provide everything from solar panel cleaning to full operations and maintenance services where we will remotely monitor your system and ensure you get the maximum electricity generation.

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To Speak With One Of Our Solar Care Representatives About Getting A Qualified Technician Out To Your Install As Soon As Possible. Or Visit Our Shop To Explore Our Maintenance Plans.

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If you're interested in taking control of your energy costs and want to make the switch to solar power, drop by anytime for a complimentary roof layout, competitive bid match, or to simply have your Las Vegas solar questions answered by an experienced professional.  Don’t keep throwing away your hard-earned money to the utility company, invest in a solar PV system and let the sun do all the work. Contact us today!

If you’re paying too much for energy please call us. HelioPower’s mission is to reduce your cost of energy using sustainable technologies. For scheduling convenience, please utilize our LiveChat feature at the bottom of our home page. LiveChat is also available on our mobile app, which you can download hereQuestions? Call 877.959.8816