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Helio Energy Solutions is leading the way in Palm Desert. As your Palm Desert solar contractor, we've been apart of the community since 2001. The solar market is expanding as more and more people learn about the advantages of powering their home with the sun. We offer a full range of high quality energy-efficient home products that will make your Palm Desert solar experience beneficial to both you and your family.

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Why we're your Palm Desert Solar contractors

There is an abundance of sunshine in Palm Desert, and an endless supply of energy production potential. On average, this area receives more than 6 hours of sunlight per day. This means, there is more reason – and more opportunity – to take advantage of the sunny days. Homeowners who install in Palm Desert can enjoy the benefits of solar power to help off-set or even eliminate high electricity bills.

  • Our office is located in Thousand Palms, CA.
  • We have over thousands of successful project installations.
  • We've been in solar engineering industry since 2001.
  • An engineering-driven firm with exacting standards in technical expertise, project management, risk abatement, client communication and workmanship, and above all, competitive economics.
  • We take care of every aspect of your project ourselves including financing, design, permits, and installation.
Palm Desert Solar System

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Helio Energy Solutions is one of a select group of Palm Desert solar power distributors who can offer the highest quality solar panels on the market. We are helping people everyday to save a lot of money on electricity and backed by a reputation by understanding your energy needs.

Net Metering Explained

Net Metering is the billing process with the utility to get full retail credit for all electricity generated by the solar system. This means that a home or business can use the power generated during the day from a solar panel system and get kWh credits to be used at night or any other time they may need it.

For example, if a home uses 500 kWh of energy in a month but produces 200 kWh, they will be billed for the additional 300 kWh. Conversely, if that home used 300 kWh but produced 500 kWh, they would receive credit on their next billing cycle for 200 kWh. This means that homes with solar panels in Palm Desert actually have the opportunity to cancel out their energy bill.

To learn more about Net Metering, please view the case study here.

Featured Local Office

One of our many branches is based in Thousand Palms, CA. Visit us any time for a free complimentary solar roof layout, competitive bid match, or to simply have your solar questions answered by one of our experienced energy professionals.

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