Walnut Creek Solar

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Don’t Pay for Solar – Have the Utility Buy it for you

Many people are under the impression that solar is expensive. You may be one of them. What if I told you that you can greatly reduce or eliminate your electric bill with a home solar system AND have the utility pay for it? In other words, what if you could get solar essentially for free? I did it for my family and I’m here to share my strategy with you. Click here to learn more.

Why choose HelioPower Solar Walnut Creek as your local solar contractor?

  • We know the planning department employees and inspectors by name.
  • Since we’re local, the jobs we create and the taxes we pay benefit the local economy.
  • With 12 years in business and over 3,000 solar installations of all sizes installed, we have the experience to get your job done right the first time!
  • HelioPower is so good at what we do, we install systems for dozens of other solar companies. When you come directly to the source, you save money.
  • HelioPower offers USA-made solar systems for patriotic Walnut Creek residents.

HelioPower Solar Walnut Creek

Why is Walnut Creek such a wonderful location for solar? It’s because Walnut Creek gets more than 150+ days of ‘insolation’ (eg – productive sunlight) each year. By installing solar on your home or business, you are taking advantage of Walnut Creek’s abundant sunshine. Solar provides a quick payback in Walnut Creek relative to coastal areas because of the higher electricity requirements of the area mainly due to higher square footage homes and the AC it takes to cool them down on hot days.

HelioPower serves the follow Bay Area cities:

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  • Walnut Creek
  • Walnut Creek
  • Danville
  • Moraga
  • Fairfield
  • Vallejo
  • Vacaville
  • Nappa
  • Sanoma

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Free Electricity

With the dramatic drop in solar panel prices over the last few years, residents of Walnut Creek are enjoying some of the lowest solar prices in history. Why stay shackled to PGE when you can produce your own free electricity? More and more citizens of Walnut Creek are asking this question and making the decision to generate their own electricity with a quality HelioPower Solar system.

Solar Increase your Home’s Value, But NOT your taxes

Installing a custom, thoughtful, and elegant solar system by HelioPower on your home can dramatically increase its value. In fact, UC Berkeley conducted a study of 72,000 home sale transactions in California. 2,000 of these homes had solar installed on them, and the increased value was consistent across all 2,000 homes. The study concluded that the average solar system added $5.50 in value for every solar ‘watt’ installed on the home. In other words, an average solar array of 5,000 watts (5 KW) would add $27,500 to the home on which it is installed.

Even though you property’s value increases with solar, solar improvements are exempt from property tax increases in California. California Law provides a property tax exemption for qualified solar energy systems per California Revenue and Taxation Code, section 73. Thus, you can enjoy the increased value without the taxman hitting you in the pocketbook.

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