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Net Metering 2.0: Your Questions Answered

Net Metering 2.0: Your Questions Answered Under the rules adopted by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), SCE is quickly drawing closer to its NEM 1.0 deadline date of July 1st, 2017 and with this deadline comes Net Metering 2.0 (NEM 2.0). SDGE & PG&E have already implemented NEM 2.0 in their territories. NEM 2.0…

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5 Reasons why you should go solar now!

San Diego Net Metering Solar energy is both exciting and confusing, but now’s the time take control of your destiny. Solar savvy consumers know that ‘Net Metering’ allows you to get credit for electricity your solar system adds to the grid. However, Net Metering rules are changing rapidly. Don’t get left without solar power to…

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The Whole House Energy Approach

The Whole House Energy Approach HelioPower is an energy solutions company that’s been in business since 2001 providing residential & commercial customers throughout the state of California with comprehensive customized solutions to their energy needs. The whole house energy approach that HelioPower uses is what attracted me to join the team in 2010 as a Residential…

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