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HelioPower Appoints Jonah Liebes as New President

Jonah Liebes is appointed as the new President of HelioPower HelioPower, a leading provider of integrated energy solutions, announced today that Jonah Liebes has been promoted to President. Jonah previously served as Senior Vice President of Professional Services and Chief of Operations at HelioPower. “We are thrilled that Jonah is HelioPower’s new President,” stated Mo Rousso, HelioPower’s…

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How do I keep my solar system running well?

How do I keep my solar system running well? In my last post, I answered a question I often hear from solar system owners – “Is my solar system working?” In this post, I’d like to discuss ways to keep your investment reliably delivering those valuable financial and environmental benefits. Specifically: “How do I keep…

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Is My Solar System Working?

Is My Solar System Working? So…you’ve made the decision and committed your money to going solar. Congratulations on making a great choice and taking control of how you get your electricity. Now comes the important part – “Is my solar system working?” A broken solar electric system is a new and definitely not improved way to waste…

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