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Solar Industry Secret: A Solar Lease Has An Implied Interest Rate

Although you won’t find it stated anywhere in your solar lease or ppa (power purchase agreement) contract or supporting documents, your 20 year ‘agreement’ has an implied interest rate and savvy consumers will ask the question, “How does the interest rate on this solar lease compare to that of other financing options available to me?” This question is of particular…

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Reduce Energy Costs This Spring

Homeowners are always looking for ways to reduce energy costs and save money on their energy bills. The tips provided here will help you reduce energy costs now and in the future. Most are easy, inexpensive, or even free  to perform while others may require a certified professional. HelioPower always recommends tackling the low hanging…

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Solar Industry Secrets: Cash Is Still King In Solar

It’s true of just about anything you might buy. Chances are if you pay cash, you’ll get a better deal. In the current resurgent housing market, those having to deal with banks and property appraisers are at a distinct disadvantage when competing against cash buyers. The same is true for solar. This isn’t necessary because…

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Solar Industry Secrets: Microinverters & DC Optimizers Aren’t For Everyone.

Microinverters and DC Optimizers aren’t for everyone While there are many circumstances where these devices make a lot of sense, in many cases, it is not money well spent. You might be asking yourself: “Who benefits from microinverter and DC optimizer technology and who doesn’t?” The answer to this question isn’t complicated and can be reached by simply asking yourself:…

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Solar Industry Secret #1

Most solar panel manufacturers have the same equipment Yes, it’s true. With a few notable exceptions (like SunPower and Sanyo) most silicon wafer-based solar panels are essentially identical. They are all roughly 15% efficient and made roughly the same way. What matters now is not the panel, but solar panel manufacturers. Is the solar panel manufacturer bankable? In other…

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Electricity Prices Went Up for SCE in 2012

If you’re a Southern California Edison customer and you’ve been wondering why you’re seeing higher bills, this article will be of great interest to you. Per the article published in Greentechmedia, the primary reason for SCE’s latest price increases has to do with the San Onofre Nuclear Nuclear Generation Station (SONGS) being taken offline for…

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Is Home Solar A Scam?

The simple answer is no, it isn’t. In fact, solar energy (photovoltaics) is a time tested and well proven technology benefiting thousands of consumers (myself included) each day. Unfortunately, like all home improvements, scammers quick to make a buck have begun pushing solar on unsuspecting consumers who are looking to save money and benefit the…

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Three Compelling Reasons to Go Solar Now

What holds homeowners back from using solar to reduce outrageous electrical bills?  Most property owners know solar is good for the environment, good for local U.S. economies and good for lowering their electric bills, which they also know from experience will keep climbing higher. Here are three things they also should know:  (1) The price…

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Setting the Record Straight on Solar Financing Through HERO

By Tyler Michael, Sales Manager/Southern California HelioPower Solar Inc. Recently, I read an article in the local paper about the Western Riverside Council of Government’s (WRCOG) new Home Energy Renovation Opportunity Program (HERO). As a long-time professional in the solar industry, I was delighted to see that many of the former obstacles that made similar…

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How Many Appliances it Takes to Overload Solar

Popular HelioPower ‘Solar Overload’ Video Tracks Just How Many Appliances it Takes to Spin a Residential Power Meter Forward with a Typically Sized Solar Power System With another summer upon us and residential electric bills about to increase, we are revisiting our popular “Solar Overload” a first-of-its-kind video demonstrating how many appliances it takes to…

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County Supervisor is Latest Solar HERO

HelioPower takes the lead in promoting HERO installations, including one on Jeff Stone’s home. Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone is the latest to go solar under the nation’s largest renewable energy campaign taking place right here in   Supervisor Jeff Stone (Right) with HelioPower’s Brad Schmell at HERO financed solar install. western Riverside County. HelioPower,…

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More Solar in CA? Ruling Says “Yes!”

2.1 Gigawatts of Solar Potential Will Power Nearly 500,000 Homes Last week the California Public Utility Commission (PUC) unfettered 2.1 gigawatts of additional solar power potential, enough clean energy generation for nearly 500,000 homes. In their May 24 clarification ruling on the calculation formulas for net metering (NEM) the commissioners ruled for the solar industry,…

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