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Energy Analytics Explained: What is PredictEnergy™?

Energy Analytics Explained Most people think that energy information, such as your current power draw or how much energy you use, is all there is to energy analytics. Not quite…   Useful energy analytics combine energy data with non-energy context information  (such as costs, production metrics, tariff, date and time, weather, etc) to provide you with…

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Commercial Energy Storage Explained

What you need to know about Energy Storage in the Commercial environment The current jargon heard these days when discussing energy, energy savings and energy management is all about commercial energy storage.  But what is exactly is “energy storage”? Here’s what you need to know. Energy storage can be any technology that captures energy from…

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The Whole House Energy Approach

The Whole House Energy Approach HelioPower is an energy solutions company that’s been in business since 2001 providing residential & commercial customers throughout the state of California with comprehensive customized solutions to their energy needs. The whole house energy approach that HelioPower uses is what attracted me to join the team in 2010 as a Residential…

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Commercial Solar Lease Explained

Commercial Solar Lease Explained Commercial Solar Lease Explained provides a detailed explanation on alternative financing for smaller commercial solar projects sized 10kW to 1MW.   In September, Helio Micro Utility (Helio mU) launched our new Commercial Solar Lease, a much-needed financing tool for smaller, hard-to-finance commercial projects (from 10kW to 750kW or more).  Since then,…

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Solar Tax Lease

Commercial Solar Lease – affordable ITC-subsidized financing for smaller solar projects

Commercial Solar Lease uses the Investment Tax Credit to reduce financing costs Helio Micro Utility, the leading independent energy advisory serving solar developers, EPCs and electrical contractors, is unveiling a ITC-friendly commercial solar lease – a simple operating lease that uses tax benefits to reduce payments.  Finally – Commecial Solar Lease makes small solar affordable Our…

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How To Buy Power For Less Than Wholesale

How to Buy Power for Less Than Wholesale Find out how to buy power for less than the wholesale price in this article by Mo Rousso   If you examine your monthly electricity bill, you will find numerous line item charges.  Among those charges are Generation charges and Delivery charges.  See the bill below: Generation…

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Shared Solar Problems…Solved!

Shared Solar Problems – Solutions Are Coming In July Aaron Clay of SunSwarm and I presented on shared solar problems and paths forward as part of the American Solar Energy Society conference*.  Whether you call it community solar, shared solar or if you are pursuing Community Choice Aggregation, there are incremental challenges awaiting project developers at…

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How To Use PredictEnergy To Help Your Business Lower Demand Charges

Demand Charges and Complicated Pricing Structures are Costing Your Business Money – PredictEnergy™ to the rescue! The two principal components of your energy bill are probably your energy usage and your demand charges. Demand charges can comprise 50% or more of the charges on your bill. Depending on your usage patterns, you may actually be…

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Top 3 Reasons Why Solar Feasibility Study Saves Time and Creates Value

Solar Feasibility Study Saves Time and Creates Value Every day I speak with hard working commercial solar installers and developers who think they need project financing.  They’ve invested weeks of effort prospecting, qualifying, designing, engineering, presenting, proposing, negotiating… and they “just need financing” to seal the deal.  Problem is, they’ve often negotiated a deal that…

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Case Study: Wastewater Energy Cost Reduction

Wastewater Energy Cost Reduction for A Northern California Water Plant A Northern California Wastewater Plant, uses PredictEnergyTM analytics to reduce wastewater energy cost. A Northern California Wastewater Plant processes wastewater for several nearby major cities. The Wastewater Plant provides primary, secondary, and tertiary water treatment for two cities, and provides tertiary treatment for three other cities. These processes produce…

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How to Round Trip Energy Cost with PredictEnergy™

Round Trip Energy Costs with PredictEnergy™    Are you planning an energy efficiency or facility improvement project in an effort to reduce your electric bill? If so, how will you know if the project turns out to be successful? What will you measure before and after project implementation to accurately represent the value of the project and calculate the internal…

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Case Study: Solar Project Acquisition

Solar Project Acquisition for Developers and Investors Helio Micro Utility has 6MW of large C&I projects ready for NTP sale to qualified investors, and more in the pipeline.  Our solar project acquisition services benefit developers, EPCs and investors.   HELIO MU’S SUCCESSFUL SOLAR PROJECT ACQUISITION TRACK RECORD With plenty of similar projects developed and sold to investors…

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Solar O and M Tech

What is Solar Asset Management (and Why Do I Need It)?

Solar Operations and Maintenance (O&M) vs Asset Management – Background Many system owners are confused about the differences between Operations and Maintenance ( or Solar O&M) and Solar Asset Management (Solar AM). While there is still debate in the industry about what’s O&M and what’s AM, there are some clear distinctions. O&M is the list of site specific,…

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