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Developing and selling solar projects?

Developing and selling solar projects? Don’t leave money on the table! Developing and selling solar projects? Getting top-dollar for your commercial solar projects requires a deep understanding of project economics, stakeholder preferences, and the solar project market. In any solar project seeking funding, there are only so many dollars that must be shared among all…

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HelioPower Installs a 70kWDC Solar Power System for First Lutheran Church

First Lutheran Church Solar Installation HelioPower is pleased to announce the successful installation of a commercial photovoltaic system at the First Lutheran Church of Vista (FLC) in San Diego County. The First Lutheran Church solar installation is a 70kWDC system and designed to greatly reduce FLC’s levelized cost of energy. “Being a longtime advocate of…

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Trump’s Solar Tariff

President Trump’s solar tariff on modules will have a limited impact on commercial solar In January 2018, President Trump enacted a 30% import tax on solar panels imported to the United States. Many in the solar industry estimate its impact on commercial project prices and installation figures, with the consensus suggesting an approximate net price…

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HelioPower and Kohler form Strategic Alliance for backup generators

HelioPower is now a Kohler Dealer HelioPower, Inc. is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with Kohler Power Systems to provide backup generators for HelioPower clients. Through this affiliation, HelioPower will be expanding their whole-house energy approach to include offering installation and support for Kohler Generators.   HelioPower is proud to be a part of Kohler’s prestigious dealer network. As part of its…

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Sell Your Solar Project

The new tax code creates strong incentives to sell operating solar projects The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has created a new opportunity to sell your solar project for cash.  Helio Micro Utility is acquiring operational solar projects and portfolios.   You receive all benefits of solar energy without the ownership headaches.  And, you…

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Solar Tax Cut

The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 amounts to a generous solar tax cut, and dramatically improves the market and economics for commercial-scale project developers, EPCs, customers, and many financiers. Indeed, the tax incentives are so compelling that I’ll just refer to it here as the Solar Tax Cut.  But change can hurt,…

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Increase Solar Generation with SolarEdge

Have an Old Solar Inverter? Increase Solar Generation by upgrading to SolarEdge! Many early adopters installed solar panels back when the technology was in its infancy. Back then, the only option was to use what’s called a ‘string inverter’ and, at the time, they were the best thing going. Now, we have a great way…

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How do you reduce wastewater energy consumption?

Wastewater Energy Consumption in a Nutshell Water and energy resources are mutually linked. Satisfying water consumption requires energy and, often, in large quantities. For example, energy is needed for wastewater pumping, wastewater treatment, water distribution, water treatment, and discharge of wastewater. This is called water or wastewater energy consumption. For many municipal governments, drinking water and wastewater…

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215.7kW Solar Power System for SkyRose Ranch

Solar Power System for SkyRose Ranch SAN MIGUEL, Calif.—June 29, 2017—HelioPower announces the successful completion of a 215.7 kiloWatt (kW) DC commercial photovoltaic system at the Southern California facility of SkyRose Ranch.  The 215.7kW system is augmented with PredictEnergyTM commercial energy management software. The cloud-based software provides real-time energy data with cost analysis capabilities to…

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HelioPower Completes 343 kWDC Solar Power System for Ladera Sports Center

Solar Power System for Ladera Sports Center ORANGE COUNTY, Calif.—APRIL, 20, 2017—HelioPower is pleased to announce the successful completion of two commercial photovoltaic systems at the state-of-the-art Southern California sports center in Ladera Ranch. The 63,000 square-foot gym now sports a 343kW (kilowatt) system optimized with SolarEdge’s DC optimized inverter solution, coupled with the PredictEnergyTM…

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Cost-Effective O&M for Commercial Systems

Cost Effective O&M for Commercial Systems O&M is one area that presents some opportunities. Many of the cost effective O&M considerations that impact cost and revenue—such as performance optimization, system up time and operational efficiency—relate directly to inverter and monitoring system selection. The performance ratio for a commercial PV system compares the actual energy production…

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Commercial Energy Storage Explained

Energy Storage in the commercial environment The current jargon heard these days when discussing energy, energy savings and energy management is all about commercial energy storage.  But what is exactly is it? Here’s what you need to know. Energy storage can be any technology that captures energy from an available source and stores it for…

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