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Energy Analytics

Electric Power Quality

Electric Power Quality Explained Electric power quality is something largely taken for granted.  We flip on the switch, plug in a device or turn on a piece of manufacturing equipment and we expect it to work. But, when was the last time you took a detailed look at the quality of power supplied by your…

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What is the Duck Curve?

The Duck Curve Explained If you’ve heard of the Duck Curve, then you may be aware of the impact that Solar PV is having on California’s electrical grid.  However, if you’re not familiar with the term, you will be soon. Solar PV is a tremendous alternative and sustainable resource for electricity and already produces gigawatts…

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How to Leverage Energy Analytics at Wastewater Treatment Plants

Energy Analytics at Wastewater Treatment Plants Moving and processing water in the state of California is energy intensive. Some estimates place energy consumption associated with moving and processing water near 30% of all electrical energy consumption within the state.   The cost of this energy, especially at wastewater treatment plants, is a large part of total…

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Energy Analytics Explained: What is PredictEnergy®?

Energy Analytics Approach Most people think that energy information, such as your current power draw or how much energy you use, is all there is to energy analytics. Not quite…   Useful energy analytics combine energy data with non-energy context information  (such as costs, production metrics, tariff, date and time, weather, etc) to provide you with…

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How to Round Trip Energy Cost with PredictEnergy®

Round Trip Energy Costs with PredictEnergy® Are you planning an energy efficiency or facility improvement project in an effort to reduce your electric bill? If so, how will you know if the project turns out to be successful? What will you measure before and after project implementation to accurately represent the value of the project and calculate the internal rate…

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Energy Competitive Advantage

Energy Competitive Advantage When a business creates and sustains profits greater than its rivals, it possesses an energy competitive advantage. The top three costs for most businesses are labor, raw materials, and energy. Management guru Michael Porter identified two basic types of competitive advantage: Cost advantage and Differentiation advantage A competitive advantage exists when a…

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